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Origineel bericht door: Thomas Brunner ,


What is the use of joining this discussion, if it’s forwarded to Apple then it would serve to a purpose,  Apple has also made sure that one cannot Contact them via email, because they couldn’t handle the millions of complaints that people are making about the IOS 11 update,  I cannot use my iPad anymore for business purposes because the Keyboard freezing up whilst writing emails, also I have lost the use of 10 apps that I could use before this update.  One is Simle voice mail , that I use for business purposes.  Also nobody knows when Apple are going to repair this problem, when can we expect a new update?  Or is that just wishful thinking,  my ipad used to be a useful tool for contacting clients and business related customers, now I have to use my desktop computer to communicate with customers,  a very sad ending to once a good product

Thomas Brunner