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Origineel bericht door: Atilio2 ,


hi , thanks a lot!!! my hp envy m6 ts 15 sleekbook I5 4thgen ,no power on... only power button white and wireless amber ... 4 second up no video no fan no hd and power off.

i disambly completly and check all parts when assembly. and the error continue,,, i tried power on 200 times never up.

i read on your post... press gently on keyboard arround keys.... not work ... but the idea s very good! i tried every zone of keyboard with this method and not result.....

but ... when press with palm the sector of keys limited by 4 a 7 and function keys abvove... and all sector of speaker superior.... the power button still white and not turn off when past 4seconds...

i release the palm and poower button continue on white.... and then press it and power off .

i power on normaly , and advertice of cmos bios bla bla bla... and press enter reboot and my envy func ok !!

i suposse a soldering problem...

gracias from argentina

sorry for y bad english , i try to share my experience with us. thanks.