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Origineel bericht door: Alton Bell ,


Sorry for your trouble and this has happened to many when rolling Windows back to factory.

It would be good to know your manufacturer and operating system, but lets look at this from the standpoint all computers all operating systems have this problem some times,

Because you have wiped your hard drive, we will go past saving your data and let you know in the newer computers there is a hidden partition on the hard drive that contains the original operating system including the drivers for  your systems devices. You can get to this partition by usually pressing the F8 key as you do a reboot from power off, it brings up a screen with options to reset, run in safe mode, check memory and others depending on the manufacturer. So the computer is locked up, well do not worry just give it a try from the start again using the F8 key method. I do not want to confuse you so I must say not all computers use the F8 key but could use F10. Go to the manufacturer web site and get the manual for your computer and read up on it. You can also just do a Google search as I am sure many people have had to find out what keys to press to get to your repair screen. If all else fails then borrow a disk with the same operating system (home premium, Pro has to be the same) and reinstall from scratch, using the product key that should be stuck on your case. If there are some drivers not installed Windows will know and do upgrades (several times).

All this typing and actually I know little if what you have tried, but don't be discouraged. You may have it all work in reinstalling just by pulling the power cord and doing a reboot for Windows to get past what ever it hated and you are golden.

Good luck