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Origineel bericht door: Richard ,


There is a way to keep the touch ID when reparing a iPhone home button.  I refurbish phones and sell then on eBay.  I have a bunch of home buttons and mixed them up and needed to find the right home button for the phone I was working on.  I called Apple and they told me it could be done, but never got to tell me how, because I had to hang up and really I just thought the representative didn't know what she was talking about.

Well, that night I was fixing a phone with a black screen and just grab any button to test it and I put the phone in recovery mode and after I started to set it up the finger scan didn't fail and I was able to use the Touch ID.   The they was I had used a white button and the Touch ID was working and it couldn't have been the original since my screen was a black screen.  I called Apple again and was told that yes it should work. What the rep explained to me was that some companies don't put the correct hardware on the home buttons they sell to save money, but if you purchase a quality one it will be able to reset the Touch ID to work by doing a full system restore in DFU mode.  So who knew you can restore the Touch ID it just depends on the home button you purchased.  They did say that the Apple Store and Best Buy can repare it for you and keep your Touch ID.