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Origineel bericht door: Amy Walraven ,


Bought my vivo xl last november! In 2nd month started getting loss of charger connection!!!in 6month became pretty much unable to charge all all!! So been sitting in my closet a couple months now useless,and my husbands we purchased both phones at same time and his went unchargable 2 monthes before just thought i would look online tonight if theres any reported problems or recalls?And now reading everyone is same exact way!!And if Blu dont replace all these devices! They should be charged with theft!!! For basically stealing $217.00 or(purchase price in other areas)for every phone reported to them,because with as many storys as ive read that are just alike in everyway!!!Is total fraud!!Im calling better buisness tomorrow on steps on were,what i can do about getting it reported.For futer customers to know before attempting to buy one of there products,this is wrong on so many legal levels i would hope!!!