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Origineel bericht door: bob_9922 ,


I have the same problem,a sudden mouse stopped working on my laptop .

I tried every single idea out there and nothing works.The mouse is detected,the system actually went through and setup then told me the type of mouse which is accurate.Tried another mouse and still no go.BOTH mice i tried work on m,y other PC,so it is definitely not the mice and both were detected by the laptop system.

So then i tried the USB drivers,delete then let system reinstall but still nothing.It really seems to do with the USB ports but no way are both going to fail at the exact same time and besides i only have about 12 hours of total use on this laptop.

So then i thought ok maybe pointer but i doubt it since my touchpad actually works as does the pointer.

So something happened i figure with the USB ports,seems to be the only answer unless it is something really dumb that i don't know about ,like some hidden key combo i accidentally hit to disable usb functions.