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Origineel bericht door: judydoolittle51 ,


'''I have a 2008 Nissan Versa SL my car is doing the same thing as above. But the only difference is I was getting low on fuel on my way home the other night and my gas light came on  this is my first time to let it get this low. It ran fine all  the way home with the gas light on and so I decided to get gas the next day. Usually I park underneath the carport at my apts but they were all taken so my car sat all day out in the hot sun until around 4 pm  the next day when I decided to go get gas and go to the store.  The car started fine and drove fine until I was almost out of my apt complex. Then it went into limp mode I just thought I was out of gas so I crawled to the gas station across the street and got got gas. The car started again and drove fine all the way to the store and almost to my apts and then poof limp mode acting up again gas pedal goes to floor and nothing.   It I let it sit the gas pedal will work it will back up but when I put it in drive the gas pedal goes to the floor like it isn't even attached it doesn't do anything. And that is where I am oh I might mention the check engine light never came on the whole time until when I got home from the grocery store and kept messing with it putting it in park starting it backing out and putting in drive one time I gave it gas and it jerked really bad.  I am 66 years old and am worrying it is the fuel pump cause if that is it I am going to be with out a car I cannot  afford the cost of that. I have had several people tell me to get the meter I know I can get the meter but to ease my mind I thought someone may of had the same problem nd give me some hope that it isn't going to be a 1000 dollars job. Everytime I have gone to a mechanic the bill always comes out to over 1000 dollars and I don't know if they are being honest. Thank please don't answer with check the code I know that.