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Origineel bericht door: Skyler ,


Blue/green pressure marks after screen replacement


I've just replaced my cracked iPhone 6 plus lcd/digitizer assembly and now there are blue and green marks showing around the edges of the screen. its only particularly noticable when the device is displaying a dark image. the blue green marks are the type you see if you were to push on your screen too hard with your finger and are appearing around where the screws affix the metal backplate to the screen assembly, and a slight green tint in the bottom right corner (also near a screw).

What really gets me though is that these marks only show when the screen is snapped into the phone, if i have the cables connected but the screen out of the phone, the marks vanish. I've already checked around the frame for any irregularities or debris that might be pushing  on the back of the assembly and have tried removing or loosening the screws in question, for some of this it helps and for others it remains a problem. I've also tried bending the clips that hold the screen to the phone in various ways to no help. This was never an issue on the old cracked screen nor a functional screen i pulled out of my brothers phone.

I'm sure this isn't worth the 4+ hours I've been fidgeting with it, i was just curious if anyone else has had/fixed any such issue.

Thanks so much, feel free to ask questions if you have them.


iPhone 6 Plus