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Origineel bericht door: Jon Ridley ,


Thanks mayor for your feedback on the other post. Its appreciated.

Keycap replacement is straight forward, as its a similar buttery fly scissor clip design to the 2015 and 2016 12" Retina MacBook range (the flagship butterfly model). Apple have gone a different route on these though, and are only providing the keycaps themselves as sets, so they no longer include replacement butterfly clips. This means that the only way of getting the butterfly clips is to get them from recycled or scrap top cases. We are working on getting some stock in, but it takes time.

Frustratingly, Apple have changed the design of the butterfly clip slightly on the 13" and 15" MacBook pro retina ranges (2016 and 2017). They are also identifying the Silver as a different set to the Space Grey.

(in reality, the difference is so subtle that its hard to tell unless you are comparing them side by side. The Space Grey has a slightly greyer tone to the silver keycap set, which is a darker black)

Attached below is a photo of the Type L clip found on the 12" retina ranges, and a photo of the Type M clip, found on the 2016 MacBook Pro range. (the 'Types' are out identification terms, as not even apple specify a way of identifying them)

As of now, the only sets we can offer are the new full sets that Apple provide, so the set doesn't include the butterfly clips, but as soon as we get some full scrap top cases in, we'll start listing the keys with the clips individually as well. The link is found below.

But the above comments are correct when they suggest that the keyboard is a pain to remove from the top case. I've not attempted it yet, as the 2012-2015 retina ranges can be done, but are a nightmare job because of the metal lugs holding the keyboard in place.

But we will always strip things down as far as possible to make things more cost effective. So on the retina 2016 range, the touch ID/power button will be sold with the logic (as they are linked on a hardware level), the top case will include the keyboard, the trackpad will be sold separate, as will the battery.

Apple sell the top case, battery, trackpad and keyboard as one service spare, which is extremely expensive.

I hope this helps.