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Origineel bericht door: Joe Smith ,


Why will the printer only feed heavy card stock, not normal paper


This is a pretty old printer but a new problem. It recently stopped feeding normal weight paper. It only feeds heavy card stock now. It was just grabbing a couple of sheets of paper, one on top of the other, and sending it through the machine as if it wasn't even noticing that it was there and then saying load paper and press go.

I thought it was maybe because the black ink was out so I replaced the black ink cartridge. Couldn't print the nozzle check though. I did some more research and came to think that the printer head needed serious cleaning so I manually cleaned it. took the whole thing apart to do it. Squeeky clean now. Now it won't even feed normal paper through.  It tries to grab the paper twice then stalls out. The only error message it shows is that you need to load paper. no paper jam is detected. Then I tried heavy business card stock and it went through. I did 4 nozzle check pages with it and it's nearly perfectly clean. Then I tried the normal paper again and the same old problem happened again, it won't feed the normal weight paper.

I cleaned the soft, textured paper grabber rollers with a damp cloth and used canned air to blow dust out of the mecahnical parts down there. Still no luck with normal paper.

Any advice?


Epson WF-2540