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* Remove the SIM card, Micro SD card and SIM card slot, put them in a box in case of missing. Release the small screw in the slot that fixes the bezel and the rear cover.
* Use you fingernail or a card to insert into the joint of the rear cover and bezel to release the buckle and remove the rear cover.
* Put the rear cover aside. Let’s look at the most important part of the phone. The screws and flex cables we labeled in the picture are the ones that need to be removed.
* Before remove other components and install the new display replacement, we need to test the new display to make sure the new display works fine. So, firstly take the old display flex cable and buckle the display flex cable of the new display. Power on the phone and test the display and touch panel.
* After making sure the new display is fine, the next step is to remove the components at the top and bottom of the phone. Then, we need to release the mother board. Here, you need to pay much attention to the flex cable we highlighted with a red circle. There is a tiny cover, you need to use your fingernail to lift it and then take the flex cable. Open the cover and the mother board is free to go. Now the main parts are all disassembled.
* Use the heat gun or hair dryer to heat up the edges of the screen to soften the adhesive.Use your Fingernail or tool to remove the broken screen. Please note that you need to remove the earpiece mesh from the broken screen and install in on the new screen.
* Remove the old adhesive on the frame and put on the new adhesive. Now, tear off the white tape on the adhesive and put the new screen on.
* At last, put the components back in the phone and buckle all the flex cables. Before installing the rear cover, test the functions of the phone to make sure it can work properly. Install all the components. Test the phone. Install the rear cover
* Install the SIM card and Micro SD card

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