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Origineel bericht door: oldturkey03 ,


Hi Douglas, so the plug from the speakers broke off inside the jack? Did it break of flush with it or is it deeper inside the jack? If it is broke off not much deeper than the jack you could try to remove it with some very small forceps, tweezers, if you can get your hand on those. The other thing I have done before was using the superglue trick that is normally reserved for small stripped screws. I use a slightly smaller piece of metallic rod and superglue it to the end of the broken jack, then once it dries I just pulled it out slowly. 99% of the time this works. Word of caution, do not use to much, you don,t want to clog up your jack. If everything else fails, you might just have to replace the jack. I know it say i-pod 30gb on the description but if it is the iPod video it it inexpensive and relatively easy to change. [guide|604] Good Luck.