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Origineel bericht door: biswajitsharma ,


Hello, I'm Biswajit, from India!

I've an iPhone 6 plus on which I faced a screen flickering issue on the top part which I solved by putting a piece of black tape under the display connector cover & it acted as a permanent solution to me for abput more than 1 year.

After 1.5 year my iPhone 6 PLUS's  battery wear level reached 40%, I decided to replace the battery myself & I ordered one from!

After receiving the battery I started to replace by myself.

Removing the old battery from phones lower body is really disgusting, it took me around 1 hour to remove!

Then, I unpacked the new one & placed  in that placed & glued!

Finally connected the battery connector to the circuit board & assembled the phone.

When I turned on the battery level was at 2%, then I charged the phone for more than 2 hrs in switched off mode as per instruction manual by the seller on eBay.

But, when I turned on the phone the battery level was at 2%, me like, WTF!!! Thinking, the eBay seller cheated me with a faulty battery, I retested my phone & it didn't worked at all!!

Then, I googled & come with no results!!

After that, I opened the phone & disconnected battery connector from the board, cheched whether there's any dust or plastic film in the connector, but there was nothing!

''Then again I connected the cable to the board very carefully, it made a 'click' sound in the right side & i felt like the left side is li'l bit tilted upward & I pressed it gently & it again made a 'click' sound. I connected my USB cable to the phone & it appeared to be charging & when it turned on I saw the charge level increased to 3% after few minutes, hoorrrayyyy....:D...I successfully resolved the issue!!''

== So, guys plz do check your battery connection with the board, it should make two 'click' sound on right & left side of the pin, make sure both sides are leveled equally making a proper connection! ==

I'll be very happy if my information solves anyone's problem!