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Origineel bericht door: iball1804 ,


Digitizer replacement does NOT work!?


I recently bought an iPod Touch 2nd gen with a cracked digitizer. I have replaced many of these in the past, and have done many other numerous iPod repairs on all other iPod models.

So I took off the broken digitizer, and put it the new one. I did not secure it to the iPod Touch, just in case it wouldn't work. I then powered it on to test it. Of course it didn't work! My digitizer was OEM, and was purchased from the same seller that I had bought from before.

I had another OEM digitizer that worked in my house, and so I tried that one. Again, no luck. I then took it all apart, cleaned it, assembled it back together, plugged and unplugged the two different digitizers multiple times, and haven't gotten any response!

Any help? Anyone else have this same problem?


iPod Touch 2nd Generation