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Origineel bericht door: Toussaint Lou ,


Issues w/ this phone have to do with the Android OS. The 1st issue is you have to hold the power button until it vibrates and comes on, 20 secs. Plug it in and WIFI connect because you're going to get a long download, reboot, etc.

Phone is alive but acts strange. Remove the case to disconnect the battery. This requires a YouTube video and a guitar pick.

Disconnect the battery for at least 10 secs, then replace the upper right volume control plastic, and reassemble the two parts, pressing them together. Then hold the power button for 60 sec. The phone will appear to loose its mind often.

Now you'll have to deal with the "deep sleep" mode that triggers often, when it should simply "sleep". You'll need to install this "app", which is really a widget.

This will help avoid deep sleeps that turn your phone off, and cause you to miss calls/have constant reboots.