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Origineel bericht door: PeterM ,


Glad that some of these fixes work. My problem, however, was a bad GPU connection after a hot summer. After trying everything else, I covered the vents with a cloth and let my G62 heat up for about 10 minutes - turn the computer off then on and it booted properly (GPU connection expand a bit & connects). Knowing this, I ordered an exact match motherboard for $50 from an ebay site and replaced it using a well-done youtube video for the G62. Learned a lot. Cleaned the fan and used high-quality thermal paste for CPU & GPU. It took some time and patience, but the computer is better than new. It helped that HP G62 series is common & MB was exact match shipped from China for free. I am no longer fearful of taking a notebook computer apart. I can give specifics to anyone who wants to proceed. - Peter