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Origineel bericht door: wots93 ,


Vizio TV IR Sensor  Issue - well in previous post had mentioned that both the Vizio 42" XVT3D424SV IT Sensor Issue - VUR10 and the Comcast remotes were not working and was able to identify that the Vizio IR sensor was not picking up commands from either remotes.  Found a You Tube video to see how to lay down TV on soft blanket/rug etc, unscrew back plastics to gain access to IR sensor to get correct part number it turns out my IR sensor part number was different that what I thought I needed. What I did find was that the IR sensor was housing glue had come off the front of the TV so no signal from remote was being received. Re- glued the IR sensor to the front of TV, tested the remotes and all were working again. No replacement IR sensor needed. Made sure I had laid the keys around the TV frame so I could place screws back in same spot there are some different lengths and placed back in TV base and all is well.