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Here is what worked for my MX882.  If Canon is unable to assist, or generically refers you to Service Center or replacement (as was my case), try the following at your own risk:

1. Download .  This was the hardest part, as there were many dubious download sites.  I successfully downloaded a virus-free version from foreign site [], and found the link on post #13 from Sir Sava.

2. Connect printer by cable to your computer (not WiFi).

3. Access Service Mode on printer.  Power off.  Press and hold Stop/Resume button, press and hold Power button, release Stop/Resume button, and then press Stop/Resume button five times.  Then release Power button.

4. Open Service_Tool_v3400 program:

- Set Destination Region:  USA

- Clear Ink Counter / Absorber:  select Main

- Click Set in lower right corner of screen

5. This reset my error code, and when I restarted printer, it was fully functional.  For me, this process resurrected this Canon printer (my third in three years).