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Origineel bericht door: Greg ,


I gotta 1999 pontiac grand am se 3.4 it ran ok when I first got it then seripeteen belt broke overheated a lil had problems belt fixed then had problems with the fans not wrking also so hooked them up direct an found out outta 2 fans one wrked. Then this is why u never ever ever let ur woman drive ur car cause she overheated it for God only knows how long an I found out a sensor went out an thermostat fixed that problem an everything seemed alright till i seen resivoir start filling up with oil it started using more an more oil then an now my reservoir is filling up with antifreeze an leaking slowly just started doing that today 12-27-2016 oh their's more top of spring broke on drivers side drives ok but leans a bit lol window broke on drivers door friend owns pontiac grand am also he said his broke an he fixed his but had to use glue so I decided not to fix.oh yeah power steering pump leaked then went out 60 sum miles away from home I pulled over an the plastic pulley was off but still moving lol it got caught between the motor mount an the middle bar the pulley ran on so I got lucky drove it bk home.pulley had no middle to it anymore an wasn't turning but belt kept on a moving thank God now I'm thinking should I keep the car an fix heads or actually put another motor in it someone said probably just drop another motor in it if I keep it with all the problems these grand ama have I'm not sure loved it when I first got it brought used with only 112000 now 131000 if I can find a cheap motor 3.4 I probably will fix it