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I have a plasma tv also and had to do some repairs to it.  First find a safe place to place the tv face down and remove the back cover.  Plug the set in and check for a green LED light flashing (this is the logic board). Your set has a power supply board in it that may be defective.  You can find helpful videos on You Tube to help  diagnose your problem.  Once you resolve the problem, you will be very please with the picture you get from a plasma tv.  PLEASE BE CAREFUL TO NOT LET THE SCREEN COME IN CONTACT WITH ANY OBJECTS. THE SCREEN IS FILLED WITH A GAS AND YOU DO NOT WANT CAUSE A LEAK.  IF THIS HAPPENS, YOU MIGHT AS WELL THROW THE SET IN THE TRASH.  IF YOU HAVE DIGITAL MULTIMETER YOU CAN TEST TO SEE IF THE POWER SUPPLY IS GETTING CURRENT AND IF IT IS SUPPLYING IT THE  SUSTAIN BOARDS.