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Origineel bericht door: William Hoppe ,


How do I completely seat the brake fluid reservoir onto the master?


I am working on a 1979 300TD and have replace the seals between the master cylinder and reservoir. I am unable to get the reservoir down all the way into the seals so that the bottom of the reservoir is in contact with the seals. The closest I can get it is approx 1/4". And when I fill the reservoir with fluid the fluid "weeps" out from the seal area, I have even taken the reservoir back off and double checked that the bottom of the seal is flush with the bottom of the stem from the reservoir.

I have removed and attempted to reinstall the reservoir t least 5x with the new seals. The reservoir works into  place into the seals installed in the master cylinder but I can not get it to slip in for that last little bit so the bottom lip on the reservoir stem is past the bottom of the seal.


Mercedes W123