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Origineel bericht door: mike milsap ,


Going backward in years will be challenge, 2 or 3 connectors are moved an inch or two on the motherboard making the cables a little short. I replaced a Mid 2010 MBP 15 logic board with a Mid 2012 board. Those connectors moved to give me a little slack in the cables. The video cable had a fitment issue and i was hesitant to take file to the outside edges of the male end, but I filed a little plastic of each side of the connector and it fit perfectly, but the latch would not latch completely. (it fits snugly enough for this not to be a problem). The other challenge was the battery. I had to snip the the outside 6 wires on the connector, then splice them on the opposing sides. The outside wires are 3 + on one side and 3- on the other, and the must be switched while not moving the center 3 wires. after this mod, I had to clear the memory (SHIFT, CTRL, OPT, PWR) and reboot the get the computer to pick up the battery as normal. Now I have the perks of airplay, I went from an i5 processor to i7 and other upgrades.