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Origineel bericht door: altbell ,


On any laptop screen replacement you must be careful not o scratch the plastic, or break the holding tabs.

I have an old fingernail manicure kit containing plastic tools to push back your cuticles and so on. Wow this old kit does well in opening up computers and changing screens. You get the picture, you need something to stick in and pry plastic where a knife would do the job but probably leave pry marks and possible keep the half parts to snap back together. Small flat blade screw drivers work but again not in a prying movement but a slide sideways and wiggle not a hammer in and force a pry bar movement.

Well you have enough of this but important.

Your laptop has two hinge covers we have to take off first. I have worked them loose from the back then eased them off from the front , they sort of come up on one edge then carefully lift off.

Next starting from the top corner of either side insert a blade in and slide along, you will feel the snaps and carefully work your way around the screen as it is facing you. Once you are down both sides, you may want to get the bottom off by doing it from the back. With the face plate off the screen is held in by 4 Philips head screws to at the top edge and two at the bottom edge. Undo them and flip the screen towards you and lay it down on the keyboard. Only one connection is on the screen and it has a tape to hold on the connection into the plug. Careful peel off the tape leaving it on the plug then disconnect the plug and you will reuse the tape again. the install process is plug in the connector apply the tape, lean the new screen into the position and replace the 4 screws. Starting from the bottom re snap in the face plate, put the hing cover back on and you are done.