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Origineel bericht door: Emerson Reed ,


I have a similar issue with my iPhone 5.  My battery was loosing  charge and when I recharged it would hit 25% then drop to zero. Also when I tried to charge it would say "this cable or accessory is not certified" despite all being genuine apple cables.   So the local mobile phone kiosk replaced the battery.  It would charge at the store but not in my car and it did charge once at home but then stopped again at 25%.

I took It back and left the phone with them and were able to charge it again but when I got home no charger would work. Same issue  .."this cable or accessory is not certified."

Either therecharger is nuclear powered or I am going mad.

Are there specials chargers out there? This is so frustrating and I look like an idiot when I return to the mobile repairer.