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Without much more detail, there's no way to efficiently determine why your camera is not "found" except systematically building back the tablet from a factory state

The  most likely culprit is driver or app corruption and the software would need to be rebuilt whether the problem was software or hardware, so:

USE THE ASUS BACKUP APP TO BACK UP ALL APPS AND DATA TO A USB DRIVE OR CLOUD STORAGE. Manually copy all your photos, music and documents to Google Drive.

Do a factory reset of the tablet.

Test the camera.

If it works, the problem was a software defect. If it doesn't the camera hardware module is damaged.

If the tablet is now working, if it were me, I'd use the PlayStore Upgrade to get all the original apps up to the latest version, and then My Apps/All Apps.

All Apps lists with the most recently installed at the top.

Systematically reinstall the apps , working from the bottom of the list upward, skipping any that I don't use frequently for things I can't do without.