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Origineel bericht door: Sean Hogan ,


I have a 15yr old son, 14 year old triplets, and for the last year an additional  15yr old boy.  Plus my wife and myself.  I have a stand up freezer, a 30yr old fridge in the garage and a big Ammana inside the house, all full.

Tricks I have learned:

I was taught by a repair guy/ friend who taught me about cleaning the coils. I use a long bottle nose brush like the one to clean lint out of the dryer.  Do it often 1 X a year at least

Also, for outside units. I put a piece of plywood on top of the fridge with four 2x4 cuttings to keep the top of the fridge/freezer clear to diffuse heat and help keep airflow exits  open to help it run smooth.  Keep things from being against the sides to block air flow.

Finally, Try to not fill the fridge or freezer inside with too much food. If it is too full, it hurts air circulation.  Learn where the drains are and vents are.  BE the drain!

Become good friends with your repair guy. Giving him a soda and being nice, might get you a new tip.