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Origineel bericht door: Imad Knight ,



Q: How likely is it that the phone really wouldn't stay together after replacing the screen?

A: Assuming everything is put back together well, the phone should be like brand new.

Q: When I asked the vendor at the mall he didn't raise any concerns about it, but perhaps he's never seen that type of damage before. Should I trust a vendor like that?

A: Assuming that it is just the screen/LCD that is cracked, replacing it should be easy. (When replacing the screen you would want to put tape over it to prevent the glass from shattering everywhere).

You also said that you cannot find an LCD screen for cheaper than the cost would be for the vendor to replace it fully. This makes me suspicious as to what type of parts they would use (New, used, knock off, OEM?).

Replacing the taptic engine should be easy (linked below is a tutorial from a fellow Ifixer): [guide|51220]

Oh and don't worry, opening up an iPhone several times should raise no problems if everything is done correctly!