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Origineel bericht door: Bruno Laurent ,


Using the info on this page and the instruction from [guide|607] I was able to upgrade my iPod 5G 60GByte to 240GByte in +/-30mins successfully!

* I followed the guide on the link above to disassemble / reassemble my iPod 5G 60GByte and only used a set of 4 metal (!) guitar picks to complete the job. Please also read my comments on some of the steps for more detailed instructions / hints / comments.
* I used a Toshiba 240GB 1.8" MK2431GAH Hard Drive to replace the original 60GB HDD. This HDD:
* Is COMPLETELY identical in ALL physical aspects to the original 60GByte HDD <= all outer dimensions (including thickness!), overall shape and detailed shape aspects are 100% the same (I wouldn't be able to tell them apart if it wasn't for the specs on the label)!
* Fits hence perfectly in the original case and all cables/rubber bumpers or what not fit perfectly (there's absolutely no need to buy whatever other part apart from the new/larger HDD itself)
* After reassembly and power on the display shows that the iPod needs to be connected to iTunes in order to be restored. But before doing so make sure you first format the HDD! Here you need to decide whether you will use your (upgraded) iPod with (iTunes on) a Windows PC or a Mac. In the former case connect the iPod to a Windows PC and format the HDD as Extended FAT, in the latter case connect the iPod to a Mac and format the HDD as Mac OS Extended. Next you can have iTunes restore the iPod to its factory settings after which you will need to redefine the sync profile.

Good luck!