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Origineel bericht door: Kaela W ,


How to Undisable your Ipod, Ipad, etc.

I have had the same problem, many times. I usually call apple and it sends me to "support". Then I would tell them whats wrong and they sit there with you and go through it with you.Or, If you have a computer download itunes and login. Then plug your ipod or whatever you have and hold the power and home button down for about 15 seconds, the little apple will come up but just keep holding it down. After a few seconds a new screen will then pop up and it has the itunes logo with a little picture of a plug on it. When you get to that screen let go and that screen should stay on. Then, on your computer the option to Restore or Update, will pop up.Choose Restore. Another screen will pop up on your computer then and it will yes like do you want to do this and stuff, so then click yes and it should have a factory reset that happens on your ipod. Then your ipod will be undisabled. You have to reset the language and reset it up. And you have to relogin to itunes. The bad thing is if you never backed up your account, then you will have nothing left. But if you did back it up, whatever you have on your product will be whatever you had when you backed it up.If that doesnt do the trick then I would call apple and go through it with them.