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Origineel bericht door: jksharp01 ,


I have a late 2010 15" MBP with 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7, 256gb SSD, 8gb RAM & 1680 x 1050 Retina Display (Serial No. W80510NHAGZ). The last year or so it has suffered the usual graphics failures which started well past the end of the 3yr replacement period. Of course Apple won't support this 'vintage' machine, even though it runs well otherwise. I am trying to sort out a replacement MLB - can someone advise what is the most recent board I should look for as a replacement? From what I have read here, it seems like my options are limited - 2012 MLB's only fitting 2011 models onward?? Ideally it would be nice to put in an end of the line A1286...

Thanks in advance for your help!