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Origineel bericht door: Frank Smith ,


If your computer '''mobo supports x64 - your manual will tell you. easy to read that info.'''

If your manufacture tells you OS is not supported, it might simply mean they DO NOT SUPPORT.

I find many many Windows XP systems will run Windows 10 , so make sure your manufacture tells you

NOT SUPPORT by them, the only true '''test is Insert the media and boot to. if the BIOS you are currently using supports the UPGRADE it normally will work.... '''


1.  always upgrade to the latest BIOS supported by your MOBO...

2. you should TEST the new OS by insert the MEDIA (DVD or USB) and run SETUP.

if will either install or stop and tell you Not Supported.

3. Every x64 System will run x86 OS but not ever x86 can run x64.  READ THE MANUAL.