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Origineel bericht door: Martijn van Zanen ,


Hi, I'm having the same problem. The recovery HDD /Partition has "died".

There is no way to get it running again.

I've tried to make a Windows 7 bootable USB stick. it works but when setup asks your language and Keyboard language, after pressing enter the laptop does nothing after "installing win 7"  The mouse works so it doesn't hangs. It just simply doesn't install further from my USB stick. I've even removed the usb stick after 30 min and there is not even an  error like: "Can't find file, or put in the cd/dvd" It just does noting and idle's.

I got the samsung np540u3c Ultrabook.

I know there is drivers for the videocard and wifi/lan on some sites for to work on windows 7 on this samsung np540u3c  but then I need to install windows 7 first.

Any tips for me?