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Origineel bericht door: Rainbow Kitty ,


Try soft reset! This helped me today. I got up, unplugged my iPod 6th generation and was going to take it to school but I went back  into my room to get it and it wouldn't turn on. I freaked out and I tried calling my mom but she didn't answer cause she was at work so I wrote on the white board saying that my iPod wouldn't turn on and my parents saw it well I was at school. When I got home I saw my case on the table with my iPad mini and my parents were yelling at me. I wanted to prove to them that I am responsible so on my iPad mini I looked up a bunch and I found this soft reset thing. (How to soft reset: hold down the home button and power button at the same time for 15 seconds.) if this doesn't work then return it, or take it to a Apple Store. Sorry for telling my story from this morning and afternoon XD