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Origineel bericht door: Dee Deezy ,


wipe data/factory reset changes doesn't apply (Note N7000ZSLO2



1-My phone doesn't keep time/date/language when I reboot

2-The language goes back to French when I reboot

3-All my apps show the stop error when i make any setting change after reboot

4-Any app that I install after reboot will disappear on the next reboot, except the SU app I installed as zip from sdcard in CWM-based recovery window

5-The phone make sound when I connect to pc but doesn't to ask to chose connection mode, so pc doesn't detect it even though I have USB Debug enabled

6-I did the wipe data/factory reset several times but there's no change when i switch ON the phone even though the wipe data/factory reset was successful.

7-The only button combination that works is the one to go to Download Mode (Volume Down + Home + Power )

8-I can only go to Recovery Mode when I try to factory reset in the phone settings. The phone will restart and take me to Recovery Mode

-Odin is unable to detect the phone.

I just think is the internal storage that is corrupted or something but i can't tell for sure. So please i need ur help on how to fix this problem or if there is any app that i can install as zip from sdcard in CWM that can scan or format or fix this problem

Samsung Galaxy Note N7000ZSLO2

Model Number : SHV-E160S


Samsung Galaxy Note N7000ZSLO2