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Origineel bericht door: Patrick ,


Most likely it's either the battery or the u2 chip on the phone.  You want a brand new genuine quality battery first.  Difficult thing is finding them because even though they say "OEM," they're not..  Cheap batteries may have cheap battery cells and cheap components that may damage the phone, just like cheap chargers.

I'd try doing a full clean reset on the phone first, charge it up to 100 (and leave plugged in for like an hour or so), unplug it, and play a youtube video or something and see how long it lasts.  You should be able to get a few hours of video playback with full brightness.

You could also try making an appointment to the apple store and tell them to check the battery health.  They'll be able to tell you if it's good or not.  Don't tell them you replaced it yourself though ;)