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Origineel bericht door: promart611 ,


Great topic guys, too bad I discovered it too late.

Anyways, I'm one of the mid-2010 15" mbp 6,2 with the terrible 820-2850 logic board with the integrated graphics GPU. I knew it was a bad idea ever since it was given to me as a replacement for the previous Apple laptop horror story of the 2008 mbp with the GT 8500 Nvidia card and funny battery that use to blow up sometimes, but I figured if it kept working since 2011 doing cross platform and heavy CAD work without a hitch, I was immune this time around. Well the happy days ended about a year ago when it started crashing on mouse moves in MS Word and from then on every other day nowadays.

Having missed the original Apple MB swap program that ended before I started having troubles with mine, I am going to do a logic board swap, so I read this thread with the greatest interest.

I just ordered from Aliexpress a 820-2850 i7 2.66 logic board that - get this - has the original faulty-solder NVIDIA chip removed and replaced with ADM / Radeon Crossfire technology. It's obviously from or by a serious gamer machine and I'm really curious how this was done and especially if it works well. It was not cheap (USD 480) but I get free shipping and 3-5 days delivery. This motherboard apparently supports 16GB or RAM over the 8 GB I have now, so if it works well and no more crashes I'd consider it a victory, would it not?

I'll come back here and report success or failure after I get my new board up and running.

Thanks to all the pros and power users that contribute here and also to the people that raise the questions that I need.