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Origineel bericht door: David ,


We began getting the F11 code about a week ago.  However, ours was different than most of the F11 horror stories.  Our code came a short time after starting the machine (10-20 seconds after cycle starting), the water would start, relays would click, door locks, etc, however, the drum never turns.  I read most of the F11 postings I could find (one  site had hundreds of posts on it).  Proactively I removed the CCU board, carefully marking the location of each wire connector, taking photos, etc.  I removed the white relays from the board, swapped them, resoldered them, checked/cleaned/renewed the solder on several other relays and a few components that were less than acceptable in my opinion.  However, this did not rectify my F11 issue.  I then found the documentation that was once in the washer, and that the previous homeowner had removed, and ran the diagnostic test.  It would not go past step C1.  HMMMMMMM, back to the internet.  In the literally hundreds of postings that I read through, collecting notes on a legal pad for future consideration, I did find in two or three postings that the timing of the F11 code seems to be a critical troubleshooting observation.  Most F11 codes are later in the cycle, when the drum is turning, either agitating the drum, or spinning, and the vibration of this action causes the bad solder/poor relay contact issues to cause the F11 code.  HOWEVER, in those two or three postings I did identify that if the code was thrown early in the cycle, as ours did, then it was a MCU issue.  So, I did my parts research, identified the correct part number using the manufacturers website, then went other places to price the part.  I ordered my MCU from AppplianceCentral, and the part arrived in three days.  I swapped the MCU out last night, I replaced the CCU cover and snapped the CCU back in place, checked all the connections to make sure they were all seated in their sockets, and ran a load.  Voila, no F11 code.  I do want to thank everyone for taking their time and posting all their trials and tribulations, as well as their victories.  Oh, and a quick thanks to Al Gore, without him, we'd have no internet!  (haha).