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Origineel bericht door: Drew ,


== '''Happy (?) 2015 LED Strugglers''' ==

Well, here we all are here again . While putting up my 'C-7 & Mini' LED's yesterday, my stored inside for 11 months, strings once again, did not fail to dis-appoint . Had 2 cardboard 'apple boxes' of light strings to put up, and, after trying to put them up , ended up with 1 apple box full of '1/2 string out' strings as usual . Have 'smartened up' tho' , NOW I only buy the 35 light strings , on  sale , nearer Christmas (less to throw away,  annual tradition !) . I also bought a LED 'Tester' gun from Home Depot , so will head to garage with my box of 1/2 'workers' and 'have at it' yet again until fingers bleed from pulling asst'd. sockets styles that CAN be pulled as some can't.

Sure would be nice if UL or CSA would force the producers to at least 'standardize' the bulb sockets like the old screw in ones !

A quarter of those 'infected' MAY be repairable, another quarter will probably be cut at outage point and re-'ended', and, as usual 1/2 will go to Recycle Depot .

One 'good' thing , living on the 'Wet Coast' of Canada , and only using these 'repaired' strings outside, ain't nothing gonna' 'burn out there !  Wet 'Evergreens' and all .

Merry Christmas to all, and to all some GOOD lights !


P.S. Will report back if Home Depot 'Magic' Tester gun much help .