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Origineel bericht door: Spey Guy ,


A simple, safe solution that worked for me:  I inspected each l.e.d. by removing the "bulb".  (The  coloured bulb is merely a housing for the small l.e.d. . Although there is no need to twist to remove it from the socket, the l.e.d.  is not damaged by twisting.)  There should be two wires at the bottom of the l.e.d./bulb - if not, you may have found the broken circuit!  I cut a copper wire 1.4 cm  (5/8") long and formed a J shape.  Insert the long end into the hole alongside the shortened broken terminal wire and replace the l.e.d./ bulb back into its socket. Of course the "J" should touch the l.e.d. wire to complete the circuit so try to find the proper diameter extension wire or place a few wavy bends in it to  insure contact. Remember:  A complete circuit is necessary to have your entire strand of l.e.d. lights to give you joy!