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Origineel bericht door: Yohan Bachana ,


If you've done all the above, ie. change date, hard reset, airplane mode on/off, opened it again and checked all connections, tried a different sim, checked the sim card reader/logic board for damage, checked whether you have the IMEI number showing and anything else and it still doesn't work, then hopefully this may be the problem for you as it was for me. Check the tiny brass/bronze spring at the back of the sim card reader. With the sim in, it should push it back all the way, but mine wouldn't go back all the way. I got some tweezers, pushed it back and turned the phone on and somehow it recognised the sim. Apparently my logic board wasn't aligned properly when i put it back in, so the technician undid the screws and put it back in, in a way that would let the spring go back all the way when the sim is inserted. Hope that works for you as i was !#^&@@ off trying to find a solution for my problem until the repair technician figured it out.