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Origineel bericht door: Taylor Arnicar ,


Although we do not have any repair guides yet for that computer, I'm sure you're able to open it.

My advice: Once you're at a step where you can see the logic board, you should use some strong isopropyl alcohol (90%+) and a soft brush to remove any white-ish residue you see. You may also attempt to access the bottom side of the trackpad, and make sure those contacts do not have crystalized sugar on them. Let the device dry <thoroughly> to make sure all liquid is gone (this will likely take a day or two in a warm, dry place if the device is opened up. Putting some parts of the device in a bag of rice can also be useful at this point.) When it is dry, put it back together, and you will have your best chance of it working.

If you do all this and it still is not working though (which I might reasonably assume to be the case here since the power was on), come back and update your question to describe the symptoms that are happening at that point.