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Many finger shredding aggravating afternoons later has led me to the conclusion that decorative holiday lights are fleeting and disposable. If you get three seasons, they don't owe you anything. Properly route them to a recycling receiver and don't fret about the cost. You only get average of 40 to 60 memorable holiday seasons in life. Don't buy the most expensive or the cheapest, buy somewhere in between. Don't buy the one that has the most bulbs or the brightest with the most light changing modes. They will disappoint. If you buy the newest latest greatest laser contraption, it might work. Once. Let it go and don't burn down your house or make the electric company rich for gross excess. Sometime soft and accent lighting makes a wonderful feeling. And bright loud and hot makes you go oooh! shield your eyes. and then retreat to find a quiet soft lighted place to have good conversation.

Remember the reason for the season. Its not all abou' the candles, lights or stars.