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Origineel bericht door: Mish Moolman ,


Hi Frank, yes, it is the print head dispensers which are clogged.  It is a very simple task to clean them.  Remove the cartridges from the print head.  Once you have done that you will notice there is a grey arm on the right hand side of the print head mechanism box.  Lift that up and voila you should be able to now lift out the black print head chamber where the cartridges clip into.

Be careful when you do this as there are tiny micro chips on the back of the print head chamber which makes contact with the print head box and if these are touched or r manhandled could get damaged and then your printer will not pick up on the print head again.  Once you have this little "box" out, go to your washbasin and where you can see the cartridge dispenses the ink into the print head, allow luke warm water to run through there very gently.  It will take some time depending how clogged it is, but allow the water to run through each print head dispenses (all 4 colors) until the water runs clear.

Once this is done, gently shake all excess water off the print head chamber and using a very soft cloth dab the chamber dry.  Preferably let it stand outside the printer for a little while until it has dried out completely, making sure the little micro chips does not does anything or is damaged in any way.

Once it is completely dry put it back into the print head box, flip down the grey lever on the right hand side of the print head box.  Re insert your cartridges and run the "clean printhead" instruction from your computer.

That should do the trick.  I hope it helps.