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Replacement Digitizer, wifi antenna, and volume/power assembly


I opened my ipad2 in order to replace the wifi antenna.  I made sure to keep the digitizer/screen intact when removing.  Success.  However, I clipped the ribbon for the volume/power buttons.  I made the wifi antenna replacement, reinstalled the lcd and the digitizer and plugged the device in to the wall to make sure the iPad powers and everything works well as I wait for another volume/power assembly to arrive in the mail.  Now the digitizer doesn't seem to be responding to finger swipes.  Is this a simple digitizer replacement problem now or did I do something else to damage the device?  Can I replace the digitizer (I have a replacement on hand) while the device is powered or do I have to wait until the battery dies as I can't power down the device with a broken power button?  Thanks for the help- I'm obviously a novice.


iPad 2 GSM