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Xbox360 and the xbox360 Slim will display an orange light on the power supply while the Xbox displays red error lights or display a red light on the power supply (a ground fault) while displaying red error lights on the Xbox.  This can occur for many different reasons but I'm only going to reference the USB ground fault issue.  Forced entry or twisting of any USB cable plug,  whether Xbox controller or other proprietary cable or cable connected device may cause a breakage of the USB connector support bridge inside the Xbox USB port.   This bridge holds the USB 5.0 volt  metal connector and data metal connector and these metal connectors can get bent if there support bridge is damaged or broken.  If  the bridge is broken then the next time you plug in your controller or other USB device you may push the (metal) 5volt and data connectors towards the rear of the USB port which is like a small metal box.  This will cause the 5volt connector on any Xbox or any device to go to ground and cause any type of red light error and may cause either an Amber or Red light on the power supply while the xbox360 has redrings or the xbox360 slim has a red-light. I am not familiar enough with Xbox One errors at this time to make comments about expected errors, although I'm sure a ground fault would occur if 5v goes to ground.  To check for this USB ground possibility, grab a flash light and shine it into each of the Xbox's USB ports located on the front and rear of the console. Check for bent and/or broken pins; if found unplug the Xbox & then take a small screw driver or paper clip and pry them apart and/or off the rear of the USB port. Once completed,  power back on the Xbox, Done.!