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Origineel bericht door: Atronx ,


Here's whats most likely really happening.

The parts in the after market are not all manufactured by LG and Sharp like the Chinese Distributors would like to let you believe.  They are largely counterfeits.  OEM and Original are just words they have chosen to describe parts that are very near Apple's required quality standards but these were or would be rejected by the OEM.

There are 3 things at play in the market.

1.  An oversupply of the really crappy parts. This is because repair shop owners and american distributors have been pushing the Chinese suppliers to deliver higher quality. Nobody is buying the low quality and thus its just siting around. The Chinese find a way to sell and make money on everything.

2. Apple wants people upgrading to the 6. The device life-cycle is only meant to be about 2 or 3 years.  This is when Apple wants people to transition off the old device to a new one. This is how the entire electronics industry works. They have been reducing the lifespan on the devices in order to produce a predictable purchase cycle from their customers and drive more revenue. Apple, in order to help speed this process up may be aggressively working with customs so seize inbound parts.  Nobody is going to fix an old iphone 5 when the repair costs $150

3. Chinese part vendors are simply engaging in price fixing. Notice no other parts across the whole industry are impacted. Go back to number 1.