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Disclaimer: as always, backup important files, folders and configurations as needed.

* I find the easiest, fastest way is to use [|GrandPerspective]. Free, lightweight and been using it for years now with excellent results every time. It shows your drive in a graphical way so you can immediately see which files or folders are occupying the most space on your drive, or any folder you choose. Download from:

* For uninstalling programs you no longer need you can use [|AppCleaner, from FreeMacSoft]. Same as before, it's free, lightweight and I been personally using it for years now with excellent results. It gets rid of all the extra files the apps install. Download from:

* Using Finder track down all "deletable" files you've created or downloaded and move them to the trash (don't delete system files like Library folders and such). Deleting from your home folder should be safe enough.

* Empty all your Trash cans (from Mail, iPhoto, Finder)

* If that is not enough I recommend manually backing up whatever is important to another drive and doing an erase and install of OS X. Guide here: