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Origineel bericht door: matthewjackson4040 ,


Why does my 2nd hard drive keep ejecting randomly?


I have a quad core i7 17" MacBook Pro and I recently used the OWC Data Doubler to upgrade the optical drive to a secondary hard drive.

I used a 2TB Samsund HDD as the secondary, as I wanted to used it for storage, while using my SSD to boot and run my applications from.

My MacBook Pro recognized it just fine immediately after installation, however randomly I will receive a notification "Disk not ejected properly" and my 2nd hard drive will be gone. When I reboot, it returns until it does it again. Sometimes it will go days without doing it, other times it will do it 15 minutes apart. Any suggestions?

I am running Yosemite and have not been able to find any solution.


MacBook Pro 17" Unibody