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Origineel bericht door: larryrchrds ,


A few days ago my laptop would display would not come on, the laptop is several years old.  I thought I would try replacing the main battery and the charger per my buddies recommendation before buying a new one.  Well that did not help, but needed to be done anyway.  Total cost about $40.00.  Next my buddy suggested that I find the bootup battery and replace it.  I googled my laptop and took the whole thing apart just to get to that CR2032 battery.  Instead of putting it somewhere easy to get to, they buried it on the motherboard.  I checked the battery and sure enough it was not putting out a charge.  Now this is the bootup battery I'm talking about a $2.00 battery that shut down my laptop.  Anyway, I replaced it, put it all back together and only had two tiny screws left over.  The laptop booted-up like new, I did have to reset the current time and date, but other than that all my files and everything are still here.