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Are you sure you put the screws back in correctly?  There's a long screw holding the LCD plate.  Put it in the wrong place and the backlight doesn't work.  The screw is only 1mm longer so it's VERY easy to do.   Unfortunately the solution isn't easy as what the screw does is damage a trace on one of the internal layers of the logic board below the screw seat.  So you need to bypass or reconnect that, both of which require a microscope, quality soldering equipment, and a fair bit of experience.  Google "iPhone 6 long screw damage" if you think this might be the issue.

If you're sure it's not that, here are some other things to check:

1. Disconnect the LCD cable.  Check the socket on the logic board for bent/damaged pins and fix as necessary.  This is VERY common.

2. Do a factory restore.  Software issues can cause this issue.